Urban Outreach


Urban Outreach provides food for households in crisis and person-centred support for the most disadvantaged vulnerable adults and young people in Bolton. Over the last 12 months they have provided critical support on over 120,000 occasions. The event was supported by The Bolton Family, a collaboration of public, private & voluntary sector organisations, who join together to provide support to local communities, of which Seddon & Asda are members.

Social Value Outcome

In collaboration with Asda Astley Bridge in Bolton, Seddon volunteers supported a foodbank drive for Urban Outreach. Volunteers engaged with shoppers to raise awareness of the work of the charity & the challenges faced by some communities within Bolton. The public were encouraged to donate food and other essentials. Shoppers were even joined by Seddy Teddy, who kindly filled his own basket with donations for the foodbank! An incredible ¾ of a tonne (1,680lb) of food was collected on the day for distribution to families in need in Bolton.


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